PB Light Gray

Exercise Ball Chair – Machine Washable 26 Inch Firmer Balance Ball Chair with Handles, Quick Pump Included – Self-Standing with Steel Beads Inside – for Birthing, Labor (Light Gray)

PB Light Gray - Great Package
PB Light Gray – Great Package
  • EASY SET UP WITH NO EXTRA ELBOW GREASE TO INFLATE – The inner ball easily fills up the entire exterior cover, as its size is a real 26” / 65 cm when you get it fully inflated; You DON’T need to take extra elbow grease stretching the inner ball material and forcing the inflating through to a fit with the exterior cover; You can easily inflate the exercise ball with any standard electric pump
PB Light Gray-front

2 DURABLE HANDLES NEAR THE TOP – The Exercise Ball Chair comes with 2 durable handles, easy for hand-carrying, and due to their near-to-top positions at the ball, easy for adjusting seating position as well

PB Light Gray – Handles
PB Light Gray – Comfort and High Quality in Material
  • SELF-STANDING & EASY STORAGE – The steel beads (steel BBs) inside the inner ball can serve as an anchor, together with the nature of exterior cover, can help maintain the bottom grip of Exercise Ball Chair on the floor surfaces; this keeps you safe & stable while sitting on it, also keeps it standing still from wandering around, so that you can store it easily

    PB Light Gray – Self Standing

  • COMFY EVEN WEARING JUST SHORTS OR SKIRT TO SIT ON THE EXERCISE BALL CHAIR – As it is made WITHOUT ridges sewn at the top, there is NO scratchy feel even when your skin gets direct contact with it

    PB Light Gray – Comfort & High quality material

  • HYPOALLERGENIC FELT COVERED EXERCISE BALL CHAIR – It is hypoallergenic and surely a better alternative than the hot seat, sticky plastic feel you would get if you sit directly on a plastic yoga ball
Bounce It. Feel It.